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JAYA THE CAT – ‘A Good Day For The Damned’ Review

JAYA THE CAT – A Good Day For The Damned

Jaya the CatAmsterdam-based “Drunk-Reggae-Punks”, Jaya The Cat are back with their new album, A Good Day For The Damned’ – Set for a November 17th release through Bomber Music.

The band has been touring relentlessly and has built a burgeoning reputation throughout Europe. Originating in Boston, Massachusetts in 1998, Jaya the Cat promptly relocated to Amsterdam, Netherlands after their first European tour. With a crew of diverse and international musicians, they continue perfecting the art of making that pure musical cocktail to get you through this night and on to the next.

The opening reggae infused track of Wine Stained Futon is a fun, danceable track with gravel-throated vocals adding to the gritty feel of the band. On A Rough Guide To The Future the band kick things up a notch with a melodic and powerful punk rocker that I simply loved. Like Serious Drinking meets Stiff Little Fingers, the band drive home a super song.

The fifteen (yes FIFTEEN) track album continues with an epic reggae/punk song, Sweet Eurotrash and, to be totally honest, I am thoroughly in love with this band and this album. They have a knack for a hook and melody and they a bloody good fun.

Black Heart brings in a brass section for a ballad style track that tugs at the heartstrings and simply demands that you put on the Fred Perry, the Doc Martens and stomp all over your kitchen…superb!

Huddersfield Rain doffs its cap to Bob Marley and then blows a kiss to the Clash – by now, I’m in deep with Jaya The Cat and this album is a surefire contender for one of our albums of the year. There are no album fillers at all – Just Leave me There ups the pace and brings in some terrace chant backing vocals, power chords a plenty whilst Wreckage adds a Duane Eddy guitar over the stomping beat and rhythm.

Passing the half-way point, Amsterdam with its “clap along” beat and storytelling lyrics crafts a beautiful noise and it is followed by The Palm Readers Face Looks Shocked with a organ grinder intro that builds into a keyboard driven reggae beat similar to The Interrupters in approach.

Fucking In Love brings back the brass section for a full on reggae love song replete with “sha la la las”. On Sunday Morning the reggae vibe deepens before the power chord supported choruses add to the variety. The title-track, A Good Day For The Damned, begins with a unique beat before that Rancid reggae/punk approach kicks in to craft an epic encore track that will have the crowd singing along.

Displaying a sense of British geography the earlier Huddersfield song is now joined with The Streets Of Shoreditch a slowed down ballad full of emotion, singalong choruses, violins and punch the air drive – simply put, it is brilliant!

The penultimate track, Mad At You, opens with some power, evolves into a faster ska/punk beat and powerful chorus and leads to the closing song, Drunk Balloon where string instruments add to the vibe of regret, sadness and collective drunken spirit.

This is a must have album from a band at the top of their game – get it, get them, see it and see them!

You can get A Good Day For The Damned by Jaya the Cat here: http://store.bombermusic.com/



Jaya The Cat return to the UK this winter in support of the new album:

Dec. 05 London (UK) – The Underworld

Dec. 06 Huddersfield (UK) – The Parish

Dec. 07 Newcastle (UK) – Think Tank!

Dec. 08 Bradford (UK) – The Underground

Dec. 09 Derby (UK) – Hairy Dog

Dec. 10 Bristol (UK) – Xmas Ska Fest @ The Fleece