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JAYA THE CAT: Live in Nottingham

JAYA THE CAT: Live in Nottingham

Jaya the CatJAYA THE CAT – 09.02.18: Live at The Maze, Nottingham

Another band on my ‘bucket list’ of must see artists, I was delighted to get my mits on a hot ticket (sold out gig) to see Jaya The Cat live at The Maze in Nottingham.

With the audience already at fever pitch, Jaya took to the stage armed with beer and whiskey. The guitars were almost a secondary concern and after a few teething problems (not drunk enough yet?) they struck up with the opening track from their most recent album, ‘A Good Day for the Damned’ and sent the audience delirious with ‘Wine Stained Futon’. It’s always struck me how punk bands can sound exactly the same live as they do on record but Jaya the Cat go the extra mile and sound even better.

After a couple more songs, seamlessly woven together, they went full throttle into ‘Hello Hangover’. A brilliant song at the best of times but with the audience interaction, this was one of the stand outs of the night.

As the beer and whiskey was shared between band and crowd alike, everybody seemed to be getting more and more involved and the banter between lead singer Geoff Lagadec and the hordes became more apparent.

As Geoff introduced ‘Rough Guide’ he explained the state of the world in its most simplest of terms – “We’re all fucked” – and Jaya launched into another real crowd pleaser.

Jaya the Cat‘Thank You Reggae’, ‘Huddersfield Rain’ and ‘Closing Time’ kept the relentless mosh pit going strong before ‘Amsterdam’ took it to yet another level.

All of the band seemed to be enjoying the set just as much as the sweat drenched crowd and everybody in that room was giving their all.

The songs flew by and the ninety minute plus set was almost at an end. The encore started with ‘Eurotrash’ and finished with the quite brilliant ‘Here Come The Drums’. An extended version which had the whole building rocking, singing, shouting and dancing in unison.

Somebody told me before the gig that if I’d never seen Jaya The Cat before then afterwards I would be seeking them out every time they returned to the UK, and I can safely say he was spot on.

This was a fun, hectic, crazy gig that you just couldn’t help joining in with. If you’ve never seen Jaya The Cat perform live then believe me, it will be an experience you will never forget.



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