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Johnny Thunders And The Heartbreakers – L.A.M.F. – The Lost ’77 Mixes’

Johnny Thunders And The Heartbreakers – L.A.M.F. – The Lost ’77 Mixes’

Johnny ThundersOn 27th October the remastered 40th anniversary edition of Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers ‘L.A.M.F. – the lost ’77 mixes’  is released.

When you receive an album to review from a seminal and influential band such as Johnny And The Heartbreakers, it is difficult to add to the thousands of words already written about the songs and the creators. Punk rockers of all ages will be familiar with many of these tracks. From the opening classic, Chinese Rocks, a song that has been covered by many including Sid Vicious, it is clear that these tracks have stood the test of time. The album sounds raw, urgent and, surprisingly contemporary. The recordings are full of energy, unpretentious and it is like listening to the first sounds of the punk rock movement. I Wanna Be Loved channels the Rolling Stones and Iggy Pop and takes them to a new level whilst Pirate Love exhibits that 1970’s crossover from the sounds of Slade, Sweet and Iggy Pop to the next wave led by the Pistols.

Get Off The ‘Phone is an Eddie Cochran rock n’ roller that had us punching the air in unison with huge smiles across our ugly mugs here in the office! The album contains 14 tracks and the well-known hits are joined by raw bluesy efforts like I Love You and the pounding tribal drums of One Track Mind with its melodic chorus.

The album is simply brilliant throughout and the rawness of the mixes just adds to the freshness of the sound. At the half-way mark, Baby Talk is dominated by a monster riff , machine gun drum riffs and melodic vocals. Returning to the bluesy sound on Can’t Keep My Eyes On You the blend of 1960s rock and roll with 1970s Glam rock is evident and the marriage is just great fun. On Goin’ Steady the band again plumb the annals of 1950s rock and roll riffs and amp things up with dirty guitars whereas Do You Love Me goes on full on cover of the rock and roll classic (was it the Dave Clark 5??).

Let Go continues with a rock and roll vibe full of menace and power and the band show a kinder, mellower side with It’s Not Enough. The penultimate track, All By Myself is like listening to a blend of The Who with the UK Subs (and that’s a good noise!) Closing with the classic Born To Lose where the head-banging tune supports some great vocals that just encourage you to shout along.

And, there you have it, an absolute barnstorming piece of history that is a must add to any punk rockers collection. Grab L.A.M.F. – The Lost ’77 Mixes’ by Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/L-M-F-Lost-77-Mixes/dp/B074R49SZW