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JONAS GEERTSEN Shares Video for ‘Tonight’

JONAS GEERTSEN Shares Video for ‘Tonight’

Jonas GeertsenDanish musician Jonas Geertsen has sent Punk Online his video for ‘Tonight’ (see below).

He also sent in the following info…

The songs:

I’ve just finished recording to songs, Another Day and Tonight in the recording studio SYG/LYD. Both songs have just been released on Social Media like Spotify, YouTube, Amazon etc.

The melody and text is written by myself. The guitar and lead vocal is played by me, the bass is played by Dennis Guldmann Meyer and the drums and choir are played and sung by Mads Fjeldvig. The songs have been mixed and mastered in the same studio by the same guys as mentioned above. The genre is punk rock with a twist of College punk.

About me:

I’m a Danish musician at the age of 25 from Aarhus, Denmark.  I’m a former lead singer in an upcoming punk band Defrost, which lasted for around two years. I’ve always been passionate about music and cultivated it most of my life. The songs are about inner fights, feelings, you can’t express, helplessness, love and hatred. I’m prepared to work hard to get heard, and I’m ready to fight for it.

My biggest dream is to be able to have a musical career. I don’t care about getting rich and famous, I focus on getting out with my music and to help and pleasure other people.




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