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JUNO – ‘Speed Won’t Cut It’ EP Review

junoBack in 2014 we reviewed Juno’s three track EP ‘Answers’ and we proclaimed “Three tracks of blistering punk rock music simply leave you wanting more as this is ‘proper, in your face’, stuff”. Fast forward to February 2016 and we get to hear their latest offerings. Our new reviewer Chris gives it the lowdown…

‘Speed Won’t Cut It’ is the soon to be released new EP from Leeds based band Juno.

Originally forming in 2008 and going from a three piece to four piece in the intervening period, they have a very nice clean sound, punchy and riffy reminding me of early AFI or maybe Snuff circa ‘Not Listening’ era.

There are four tracks on this new release, all at a Ramones type blistering pace and encompassing a total just under twelve minutes.

‘Last Dance’, ‘Will I Be Free’, ‘Sirens’ and ‘Face Our Demons’ all share a similar theme of personal struggle and the eternal fight to improve your lot in life,

No Agit Prop here just good old fist in the air belt ‘em out and have a good jump around slices of pop punk, think Cockney Rejects meet Green Day.

The whole EP is very nicely recorded and produced with lovely separation of all instruments and vocals in a way that I personally prefer to some of the ‘porridgey’ type mixes that can ruin a good song.

There are chugging chainsaw guitars with some nice melodies running alongside while the drums are a perfect mix of time keeping with enough fills and rolls to keep it interesting without veering into Neil Peart type over indulgence, with plenty of football terrace style “WOOOAAHH” singalong choruses.

If you like your punk short and sharp with a nice tune then this is definitely worth checking out, I may well have to venture to the release gig in London in February to see if they can reproduce this live.

Chris – Punk Online


Track Listing

  1. Face Our Demons
  2. Last Dance
  3. Sirens
  4. Will I Be Free



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