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KALIFORNIA – ‘Views From The Coast’ Album Review

KALIFORNIA – Views From The Coast

KaliforniaKalifornia hail from Askvoll and they state that this is “as far west as you get in Norway.”  They have just released their nine-track album, Views From The Coast.

The opening track is the title song, Views From The Coast, which slowly builds from the sound of waves to a pounding rocker with an ominous atmosphere with some excellent guitar licks laid over power chords and pounding rhythm….great stuff!

On L.O.V. the band significantly up the pace with a searing riff and driving drums whilst Just Do It is also full of energy and hooks that will guarantee a manic, head-banging mosh-pit!

Next up is Party Track For High School Girls and Kalifornia display a different side to their sound as they channel some 1970’s Glam Rock mixed with a driving riff and synth sounds. The overall package is robust, rocking and raucous and the follow up, I Am The Ulcer dials things up maintaining the atmosphere but much more aggressive in pace and sound.

Nightcalls channels a Rudimentary Peni style riff layered upon riff but the star of the track is the drumming interplay with the vocals. The nine-track album explodes with the intense Swim Good, a song that veers from meaty, slower sections to all out attack in other segments – loved it!

The penultimate song, Dear Diane begins with a mellower, churning approach with melodic vocals and then grows into a song that The Pixies would be proud of replete with female backing vocals, catchy hooks and a piledriver of a middle eight!

Closing with I Want More, Kalifornia bring a super album to a majestic ending. The song is almost four and a half minutes in length and, after a laid back introduction, sparks into life with a Husker Du like vibe.


I loved this album and I think you will too. Get Views From The Coast by Kalifornia here: Kalifornia – Spotify



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