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KALIK – ‘Disapproved’ EP Review

KALIK – Disapproved

KalikKalik are a punk rock band from Denmark, who have played over a hundred shows all over Europe. They have released a full-length album and two EP’s. The second EP Disapproved has recently been released and opens with the excellent Black Brain where the pounding D-Beat drums are joined by some monster riffs and angry vocals delivered in a UK82 style. It’s a truly terrific track with strong lyrics and an overall package that had me reaching for early GBH albums to compare and contrast.

Next up is Polizia and the band show some versatility with a fast-paced ska introduction, plaintive vocals and a developing punk rock theme with group vocals. The interplay between ska and punk with the bass guitar as the Segway between genres is novel and effective. The third track of the five, Nothing There, reminded me of The Blitz with buzzsaw guitars and hook infused straight in the face punk rock.

On Going Nowhere Kalik sample D*nald Tr*mp at his racist worst (if ever there was a time for punk rock, Tr*mp has ushered that time in) and follow up with a melodic yet powerful effort. The title track, Disapproved, closes this EP and at fifty-nine seconds it leaves nothing to chance as it piledrives into a hardcore blistering attack.

For me, one of the stronger recordings we have heard this year and I urge you to check this out here




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