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KERMES – ‘We Choose Pretty Names’ Album Review

KERMES – We Choose Pretty Names

KermesLeicester, UK based indie-punk quartet Kermes have announced that their debut album We Choose Pretty Names will be released on the 13th April 2018 via Robot Needs Home.

A self-described queer indie-punk band, Kermes were born in the heart of Leicester’s close-knit DIY music community and over the course of an EP and their upcoming debut album, explore themes of transgender identity, depression, misogyny, anti-capitalism, queer relationships and being an increasingly visible target in an increasingly hostile world; all delivered in a danceable whirlwind of pop hooks and punk aggression.

The ten-track album opens with the feedback drenched I Wanna Be Yr Sometimes before it kicks into a monster beat with swirling guitars and booming bass. There is a nod to fellow city dwellers, Cornershop with the danceable indie vibe and compelling hooks. The more eclectic The Argonauts channels Pere Ubu or early Wire with angular guitars and slightly off-kilter vocals.

On Nobody’s Fool, Kermes continue to explore the combination of a whimsical sound of alternative rock/pop with an underlying depth and power whereas the more epic in scope, Casting The Creatures explores a Pixies like approach with prominent bass guitar.

At the midway point, Questioning is propelled by a danceable beat and some strange rhythmic vocals in an almost falsetto delivery style and Boyfriend is more atmospheric with heartbeat pace and ballad delivery – it’s a great song!  Time To Shut Him Up drips with melancholy and builds up to noisy crescendos before settling to rebuild again and again for over five minutes. The upbeat Ready For Love features a keyboard lick that eats its way into your brain and is followed by the title track, We Choose Pretty Names with a slow beat and shoegaze vibe building again to a chaotic climax.

The closer, Yr Beast again starts with a plaintive vocal with minimal backing before exploding into Ride like guitar frenzies.

Check out Kermes and get hold of a copy of We Choose Pretty Names here: http://kermesforever.com/