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KILL SURF CITY Share New Single ‘Knuckle Dragger’

KILL SURF CITY Share New Single ‘Knuckle Dragger’

Kill Surf CityKnuckle Dragger is the second song by Kill Surf City and they are currently previewing the single from their new record ‘Ever Notice How Everything’s Stupid’.


Kill Surf City is the new solo project form Fort Wayne, Grey Gordon. Here is an exclusive quote about the the new year from Grey:


“Well, it’s 2018. We made it. In spite of recent political events, the world has not yet exploded. What better way to usher in another year of crushing existential dread than with feedback, distortion, and ripping solos?


“Excited for this album to drop soon, even though it will inevitably disappear into the gaping maw of time and space. Happy New Year!”