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KILL THE MASTERS – ‘Everything Hurts’ EP Review

KILL THE MASTERS – Everything Hurts

Kill the MastersHailing from Bolton in the Northwest of England, Kill The Masters have just released their Everything Hurts EP. The four tracker begins with No Apologies where the dual vocals open up a rocking and raucous heavyweight punk rock song with booming bass guitar, a spiralling lick and pounding drums creating a veritable wall of sound for a four-minute battering ram of a song!

On Questions another lengthy track (just over five minutes) shows a completely different side of the band with a melodic ska-core/reggae vibe intermingling with faster, punkier sections reminding me a little of the Stiff Little Fingers version of Johnny Was.

The penultimate track of the four is Slave To The Grind and, once again, Kill The Masters show us another string to their bow with a rhythmic punk rocker with echoes of Idles and The Restarts bringing in a pacey approach and joint vocals but the band are a little more melodic and restrained than those comparisons but no less aggressive and powerful.

The last track, Drugs In The Sun opens with a harmonic vocal introduction and then ups the party spirit with a ska-infused fun-filled track that compares well to the likes of Jaya The Cat.

The EP packs in more variety than a double album and is a great listen from angry at the world punk to rabble rousing ska, party fun.

Check out Kill The Masters and stream Everything Hurts  at all the usual online sites.