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KILL THE WITNESS – ‘Songs From A Broom Cupboard’ Review

KILL THE WITNESS – Songs From A Broom Cupboard

Kill the WitnessThe opening track of the four-song EP, Songs From A Broom Cupboard, is 50 Grams where a solid drumbeat introduces a melodic folk-punk song dripping with melody and pathos. The upbeat and rather happy music is nicely juxtaposed by the sad lyrics! Kill The Witness contain the folk/punk troubadour, Tim OT (whose solo album we reviewed last year).

The EP just hit the market during November and it is full of super storytelling. On Razorblades the band mine the hooks and melodies to provide a solid underpinning to some lyrics full of personal politics. Third up is Bag Me Up where Kill The Witness marry early Billy Bragg with The Men They Couldn’t Hang to produce a seriously excellent folk/punk monster of a track. The song springs into full on life half-way through to drive home the hooks to the solar plexus – Loved it!

The EP concludes with Homeless II and the tone is one of sadness with plaintive male and female vocals lamenting the loneliness when a lover is no longer around. The piano accompanies a skiffle beat and acoustic guitar producing an accomplished folk song.

Kill The Witness have released a strong EP with four accessible tracks that we enjoyed very much here at punkonline towers.

Check out Songs From A Broom Cupboard here: https://killthewitness.bandcamp.com/releases