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KISS ME, KILLER – ‘Beware’ EP Review


Kiss Me, KillerKiss Me, Killer are a Riot Grrl LA Punk influenced Garage Punk band from Bristol, UK. They have just released their debut four-track EP, Beware and the massive opening track From The Inside channels Paranoid Visions, Lost Cherrees and DIRT into one excellent punk rocking track.

On It’s Going Down, the band up the tempo, volume and anger with some Fugazi like rhythms mixed with some good old UK anarcho-punk lyrics. The delivery is right on the money as the band urge “civil unrest for the ones less blessed” – it’s an excellent track that is both raw and accessible at the same time.

The live crowd intro to Snakes In The Grass leads to a dirty riff and female garage punk vocal. The track has some latent power whilst sounding a little like the Cramps (amped up).

The last track shares the name of the band and Kiss Me, Killer is full of horror punk vibes with a little bit of fellow west country punks, Subhumans style guitar work! I loved Beware and look forward to more from these folks.

Kiss Me, Killer are:

Lead Vox and Lyrics: HOLLY
Lead Guitar: DAVID
Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vox: CAT
Bass Guitar/Backing Vox: NAT
Drums: AJ

Check out some authentic and excellent punk rock by Kiss Me, Killer here:




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