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KLAMMER – Self Titled Album Review

klammerLeeds, the Northern British city that has produced a number of seminal punk bands including The Mekons and Chumbawamba, to name but two. Klammer, from the selfsame city, describe themselves as a post punk band with a “an edgy and dark broodiness coursing through the sound of the band.”

The self titled second album release from the band on Underdogz Records opens with the aforementioned ‘dark and brooding’ sounding Bide Your Time – a song that reminded me a little of U.K. Decay. Power of N ups the tempo and is a more classic punk feeling tune whilst Everything Depends Upon the King returns to the gloomier sound and brings to mind another Leeds band sound – the Sisters of Mercy.

Klammer have a unique blend of sounds and to describe them as 2016 version of Southern Death Cult (also from Yorkshire!) would be very apt for the superb track High Life where the band mixes a chugging guitar riff with an urgent chorus showcasing some strong vocals.

There are a whopping thirteen tracks on the album and the goth vibe is evident throughout. Caught in the Act drives forward on a dance drumbeat and heavy bass underpinning a neat guitar lick and a chanted chorus that creates a powerful package.

Other stand out tracks for me are Opposites Detract – a song that channels Art Brut whilst Blind Side is a rollicking song propelled by great riff. Ending with the excellent Heavy Weather, Klammer have released a goth-punk effort worthy of your attention.


The band have appeared live with The Membranes, 999 and Department S amongst others – they have a unique sound that can be compared to many of the bands mentioned in this review although they have a unique take for sure. They’ve only been at it a couple of years but they sound very accomplished. Check them out here www.facebook.com/klammerband

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Track Listing

  1. Bide Your Time
  2. Power of N
  3. Everything Depends Upon The King
  4. High Life
  5. Reciprocate
  6. And This Is How The West Was Won
  7. One Word Four Letters
  8. Caught In The Act
  9. Space Elevator
  10. Opposites Detract
  11. Blameless Blue
  12. Blind Side
  13. Heavy Weather


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