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KORRUPT – ‘Preachers And Creatures’ Album Review

KORRUPT – Preachers And Creatures

KorruptPreachers and Creatures is the debut album from Kristiansand, Norway punk rebels Korrupt, whose thrash-inspired riffs are combined with a blackened hardcore urgency and shouty punk vocals.

Opening with the soaring riffs of Serpents with screamed vocals interspersed with rhythmic breaks and melodic backing vocals, Korrupt absolutely slay it. On Hellions, the pace quickens as the prominent drums pound the song along and the track builds into a screamfest full of power, pace and punch.

The band explores different rhythms and sounds throughout the album and often within a track. Revolt rocks along with a mighty riff with a ‘punch the air’ almost ‘sing along’ chorus and had the entire office bang their heads in unison…loved this track. The 10-track album moves forward with the math-punk like Martyrs with its complex rhythms evolving into a monster track.

At the half-way point No Past, No Future catapults along exhibiting changes of tempo and different vocal approaches with a churning middle eight adding to the variety. The title track, Preachers And Creatures matches a commanding guitar riff with some raw throaty vocals and pounding drums to produce a circle-pit inducing package.

Returning to the one-word song titles for the remainder of the album, Khaver surprises with its melody tinged with a glam rock approach – the track stands out as more accessible yet does not forsake the raw energy evident throughout the album. On Capitalist, Korrupt introduce some Black Sabbath like riffs and build the song with a tight snare drum driving things forward.

The penultimate song, Scum, is 93 seconds long and is introduced with just angst ridden vocals and power chords (and a piano) and holds that line throughout. It neatly sets up the closing song, Intuition where the drums kick back in and the band send us home smiling, banging our heads and stomping our feet.

The album is heavy, full of power and signature throat splitting vocals – it’s a good one – find out more about Korrupt and their album Preachers And Creatures here: https://korrupt.bandcamp.com/