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KOSMIK BOOGIE TRIBE – ‘We’re Not Here To Fuck Spiders’

KOSMIK BOOGIE TRIBE – We’re Not Here To Fuck Spiders

Kosmik Boogie Spiders Hailing from Gamlebyen, Oslo, Kosmik Boogie Tribe was formed by members of The Good the Bad and the Zugly, Lonely Kamel and Mormones with the aim to “destroy the current rat shit music scene in Oslo…by playing degenerate and dirty rock n’roll”. The group recently completed the work on their third album titled We’re Not Here To Fuck Spiders that was released on April 6th. The release also marks the birth of Rural Rebel Rock, a new record label run by Tiger Records from Olso.

Opening with the excellent rambunctious, Creatures Of Habit I am transported to Motorhead meeting the Ramones as the rock and roll is dirty, fast and straight up! On Optical Migraine which is seamlessly entered as the former track ends, the riffs are ZZ Top with a little Suzi Quatro thrown in for good measure.

This is simply straight up raucous rock and roll full of passion, fun and energy and We’ve Got The Cash brings in a Dr. Feelgood bluesy rock feel that is infectious as hell! The almost seven minute Pablo Was Here stutters into earshot as the guitar warms up the dirty chords to be joined by the foot-stomping beat. The track just rocks along in epic style and the follow up, Looking Out For Number One adds a bit of the Anti Nowhere League in terms of pace, power and lyrics…”I’m such a punk and you’re such a cunt, I’m gonna get you” loved it!

I’ve Had Enough Of You maintains the pace, albeit a more punk tone to this one with a harder edge to the guitars and vocals with a n Oi! style chorus.  The penultimate song, The Rat motors along at pace with soaring solos from the guitarist and meaty vocals to create a superb punk rock track!

Ending with Piss, Punk And Pie the Kosmik Boogie Tribe rock us to bed with a rollicking rocker like The Mud on speed with a little Lemmy thrown in to mix the cocktail. Great stuff!!!

Check out Kosmik Boogie Tribe and We’re Not Here To Fuck Spiders here:




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