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KOVAX – ‘If There Was Ever Any Doubt’ EP Review

KOVAX – If There Was Ever Any Doubt

kovaxRising British rock outfit Kovax have just released their debut EP If There Was Ever Any Doubt. The self-proclaimed ‘shouty alternative hard rock’ quartet showcase four tracks opening with Breathe. The song is full of energy, growled vocals and some interesting breaks and builds. It is two minutes that had me intrigued and, by the end, totally hooked!

Atlas starts with an guitar riff, goes into an all out blast and then delivers a melodic and restrained section with vocals that reminded me of Live from the 1990s. It’s a song that packs in more changes in direction within three minutes than most bands produce in an entire twelve track album.

Third up is Waves (Kovax like their one word song titles!) where the band try on a more sinister sound with an excellent guitar and some terrific vocals. For me, this is the stand out track of the four, full of angst and power.

Closing with Kennel the band open with some math-punk guitar work (and it’s damn good) before contrasting with melodic guitar backed verses. The song continues to contrast the power with the restraint and delivers on the whole package.

If There Was Ever Any Doubt EP out now https://kovaxtheband.bandcamp.com/album/if-there-was-ever-any-doubt

Catch up with Kovax at www.facebook.com/kovaxtheband