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KRIEGS LEGION – ‘War Bastard’ Review

kriegs-legionComprised of some punk veterans from Detroit and fresh from supporting Sham 69 and Total Chaos over the past year, Krieg’s Legion have released a powerful album. Street Rock Records has a stable of punk/Oi/skinhead bands and these guys are at the head of the pack.

War Bastard opens the 9 track album with an excellent intro before launching into a classic punk track that had me thinking of Amebix as the vocals are similar. The anti-war lyrics are not of the pacifist variety as the last line of the last verse states “we both oppose the states monopoly on violence as I stomp your ugly pose…”

Next up is the excellently titled Patridiot a fast paced ditty railing against the plastic patriots who support the wars in the middle east from their armchairs, watching reality TV and wrapping themselves in the flag.

Statist Control is Discharge on steroids. The first three tracks are a blinding assault on the senses – these boys can certainly play!

No Monopoly on Violence reprises the earlier lyric and rams it home as a rallying cry to fight back. It’s another fast paced track propelled by some great drums and tight as hell bass and guitars. Free Shit Army is the one track I didn’t take to – I may have misunderstood but seemed macho and sexist to me?? Despite this, there is D-core flavor to the band and the fact that the last track Terminus Est see us out on a high makes this a strong release.

You can get the album here http://kriegslegion.bandcamp.com/album/war-bastard

Check the band out here https://www.facebook.com/Kriegs.Legion

Track Listing

  1. War Bastard
  2. Patridiot
  3. Statist Control
  4. Against the Wall
  5. No Monopoly on Violence
  6. Free Shit Army
  7. Internal Menace
  8. The Devils Triangles
  9. Terminus Est