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LÅGËRSHØP – ‘English Pigs’ EP Review

LÅGËRSHØP – English Pigs

LagershopLÅGËRSHØP were “born” in Karlstad, “raised” in Milton Keynes and cite the likes of Rancid, Millencolin, NOFX and Idles as influences. The band formed in November 2017and built a great reputation with some solid live performances.

Their English Pigs EP is out now and, simply put, it is brilliant! Opening with the superb Porte Cocheres we are treated to a chunky punk rocker with dirty guitar riffs, group vocals and a pounding beat. The melodic chorus is simply awe-inspiring as it juxtaposes nicely with the shouty vocal verses and we LOVED IT!

Next up is Put That Kid In The Fucking Fridge and this one is a little more aggressive blending Bad Religion punk melody with working class UK punk vocal delivery that drip with melody whereas Beer & Toothpaste is a raucous two-minute slab of punk rock power with elements of the Damned, Sham 69 and the 4-Skins!

The EP closes with the title track, English Pigs and LÅGËRSHØP show another side to their personalities with a pulsating song full of urgency, huge chorus and goth-punk undertones. We simply adored this release!

English Pigs EP by LÅGËRSHØP is available world-wide on all major distributors and can be downloaded here: