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LAME SHOT – ‘Try Again’ Album Review

LAME SHOT – Try Again

Lame ShotLame Shot hail from the city of Toulouse, France and Try Again is their 2nd full length album. Released last month, the ten-track album veers towards pop-punk/skate-punk in sound and the band cite the likes of Nerf Herder and Masked Intruder as influences.

The album opens with You’re Not Alone Part Two where a melodic guitar and vocal set up a 200mph drum beat and some pretty fast guitar chords and some excellent group vocals. On Raptor’s Kitchen Party the band continue to mine the skate-punk genre and add harmonies in the vocals to a compelling guitar lick.

One of the standout tracks is Orange Van with its churning guitars, monster hooks and more vocal harmonies! Phantom Manor begins a spoken word clip to set up a cascading guitar lick and super sub-two minute romp followed up by the mid-paced rocker, Last Day Of Summer.

Home Alone begins with a pummeling drum beat, serrated guitars and leads to a catchy head banger whilst Dear Zooey also begins with a clip of spoken word from a TV Show before displaying a faster pop-punk approach that slows down for segments dripping with melody!

The momentum continues with Try Again with the booming bass intro to Kings Of The Olympics setting up a rocking track with some prominent keyboards and great group vocal harmonies. The album ends with 88 MPH and Lame Shot see us out with a mid-paced anthem like song replete with power chords and these guys sound radio ready in a good way.

The album Try Again by Lame Shot is available from the pop-punk label here:




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