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LARK – ‘Blink’ plus Interview

LARK – An Interview with Karl Bielik

lark-blinkThe main man behind Lark is Karl Bielik, an accomplished artist as well as musician. We at Punk Online have recently reviewed two Lark albums, Funny Man and Funny Man – The RemixesBlink is the third CD and is a re-release of the digital album originally released in 2014.

It’s another dark album, heavy on bass, distorted vocals but for us it has a melodic side. However, instead of us just telling you what we think, we thought it was time to catch up with Karl to get his side of the story…


Tell us a bit more about Lark. Is it just you or do you have fellow band members?

Lark started out with me writing 14 songs and putting it on a burned cd and giving it out to a handful of friends – some of those being musicians suggested performing it as a one off piece – which we did as a 6 piece band in Hackney in 2013 – with support from the legendary Scottish punk poet ‘Jock Scot’ (sadly recently died) – from then on Lark was a 6 piece with a multitude of changing personnel – we were signed to ‘CARE in the Community records’ for our first two albums – ‘Shop’ and ‘I Don’t Got’ and since then have self-released both solo and full band albums but always under the moniker Lark. We have played Bestival a couple of times…supported Scritti Politti on one of their rare gigs, toured the Czech Republic in amongst the usual London venues and had remixes done by the likes of Andrew Weatherall and The Bees. There is no permanent band now just me but other people did come by the studio to put down some parts on the last album – something I will probably keep going on the next album.


Do you write all the songs yourself?

All the songs and written by me – bar the odd cover version.


How would you describe your music?

So lo fi. Punk. Aggressive  tender. Irreverent. Skronk.  Visceral.   Loose.     Or something along the lines of that.


I see from your website that you are an established artist – what’s more important to you, art or music? 

Painting but music is a close second – I only started making music at the age of 35



After listening to ‘Blink’ a couple of times it sounds more melodic (in parts) than Funny Man & The Remixes. Would you agree?

Not sure, I just think ‘Funny Man’ is a much more heavily produced and dense affair that doesn’t have some of the looseness and stripped back qualities of ‘Blink’ – in a lot of ways that is what I aimed for during each mix.


Why the re-release now?  

I realised that I had put out a couple of albums as download only and had been asked for Cd’s by a few people so I went back and corrected this. So now all Lark’s catalogue is available on CD/download and in three cases Vinyl.


Do you have anything else in the pipeline, are you still writing, can we expect future releases?

Yes, I will be back in the music studio for a one month solid block very soon when I will write, play and mix the next album – I have some bits done already – but in essence will just immerse myself in the music (whatever it may be) for a month and see what come out at the other end. There will also be a free single download before the year is out



Punk Online would like to go record to thank Karl for his time in answering our questions.

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