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LARK – ‘Funny Man’ Review

larkThe beauty of punk is that it comes in all forms and guises. The new album ‘Funny Man’ by Lark is hard to categorise but fans of early Death in June or way out Bauhaus tracks will harmonise with this latest offering.

The bass is heavy throughout with distorted guitars and equally distorted vocals. ‘Girl’ kicks it all off with a deep bass heartbeat before the gravel like vocals sing and scream in equal measure. It’s such a different sound that hooks you in before dragging you ashore and whacking you around the face with the proverbial wet fish.

‘Shakes’ is an excellent number that I wish had lasted much longer than the two minutes and thirteen seconds. The female vocals add to the haunting sound and there is very much a Nick Cave type feel to the song.

If you love heavy bass then this won’t disappoint. ‘Curtains’ opens akin to ‘No Doves Fly Here’ by The Mob and transpires into a dark, melancholy tune that will have you reaching for the electric fire to accompany you in the bath.

The pattern is now set, it’s uplifting if you love downhearted music. Fantastic in equal measure if you’re driving hundreds of miles or sat at home alone and you need something on in the background – it’s the kind of music you could listen to for hours without even knowing it’s on.

‘Praying’ introduces the female vocals again and is used perfectly throughout to add balance whilst ‘Jettison’ is one of the more tuneful tracks with lyrics to join in with!

“Put me on a plane with a damaged wing, shoot me in the face while I try to sing”

As mentioned earlier, it’s hard to categorise but quite frankly who cares? It’s what makes punk music what it is and Lark are just another dimension.

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Track Listing

  1. Girl
  2. Shakes
  3. A Fishing Trip
  4. Curtains
  5. Funsize
  6. The Cupboard
  7. The Lodger
  8. The Hood
  9. Praying
  10. Lost Words
  11. Offshore
  12. Jettison
  13. Kitchens
  14. Glue Me
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