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LARK – ‘Funny Man – The Remixes’ Album Review

lark-remixFollowing the release of Lark’s fifth dispatch from the dark – the critically acclaimed Funny Man (reviewed by Punk Online) – artist and front man Karl Bielik was struck by a curious notion: what would happen if the album was taken apart, track by track, and then reassembled without the use of an instruction manual?

Bielik decided not to go it alone with the reconstruction and drafted in help from the outside. Some of the remixers had played on the original album and were keen to offer their own interpretation of Karl’s vision. Others were contemporaries of his and the resulting remixes offer another side to Lark.

We’ve given it a listen, and another, and another. The reworks bring a whole new flavour to the originals and make for an inspiring listen.

As with the original album, ‘Girl’ starts us off with the same deep bass and this time remixed with Art Trip and the Static Sound. This is one of four tracks which appears more than once and track 17 sees another remix of ‘Girl’, this time with Martin Misenta. The drum heartbeat is still prevalent but the deep bass is not so intense and it makes for an easier sound on the ear. This is a typical example of how the original album has been slightly twisted but somehow making a whole new sound of the same song. Very good and somehow very clever.

I loved ‘Curtains’ before and Keeley Forsyth adds yet another twist which makes it such a lovely yet haunting number. Again, this track is repeated nothing more than four times and Pulco, Bones and the Aft and Lord Adonis add their own flavour to one of the stronger songs on the album.

‘Jettison’ featuring Chrome Mountain Remix clocks in at almost six minutes. We commented how this was one of the most tuneful singalong song on the original album and now there’s an added ‘disco beat’ to get your feet tapping. Still depressingly Lark but beautiful at the same time.

Punk Online have always been big admirers of The Band of Holy Joy so what a treat to hear Johny Brown and the gang add their own interpretation to ‘Glue Me’ before Kill The Dandies up the tempo again with ‘Praying’.

There’s so much happening on this album it’s very difficult to do it justice in words alone. It has to be heard, preferably after listening to the original ‘Funny Girl’ to truly appreciate what’s been achieved with each song.

Do yourself a favour and just give it a go here – https://lark1.bandcamp.com/album/lark-funny-man-the-remixes

Gaz – Punk Online


Track Listing

  1. Girl (Art Trip and the Static Sound)
  2. Curtains (Keeley Forsyth)
  3. Shakes (Macaulay)
  4. Jettison (Chrome Mountain)
  5. A Fishing Trip (Minor Works Depot)
  6. Glue Me (Band of Holy Joy)
  7. Curtains (Pulco)
  8. Praying (Kill The Dandies)
  9. The Cupboard (Frits)
  10. Shakes (D.Crowhurst)
  11. Curtains (Bones and the Aft)
  12. Praying (Ilfordi Ven)
  13. Kitchens (Mr McClone)
  14. Offshore (Silver Birches)
  15. The Hood (Tony O)
  16. Curtains (Lord Adonis)
  17. Girl (Martin Misenta)
  18. Shakes (Boyleandshaw)




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