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LASHING FRED – ‘Exactly Not The Same’ Album Review

LASHING FRED – Exactly Not The Same

Lashing FredLashing Fred is a punk rock band from Lyon, France. They’ve recently recorded and produced their debut LP, Exactly Not The Same. Applying a 100% DIY approach, the band have done their backers proud.

Say It Isn’t So opens the ten tracks with a skate-punk vibe full of melody and some terrific musicianship. On Badmouth the band slow things down a tad and sound more Southern California that Southern France with a Teenage Bottlerocket/NoFX atmosphere. The album betrays the DIY approach as the production is first-rate and the pacey Gasoline features prominent bass licks, soaring guitars and up front vocals to create a skate-punk classic.

Lashing Fred have a knack for finding a tune full of hooks, accessibility, group vocals as evidenced on Socks and the slower follow-up, Backup. The second half of the album is introduced with Honestly Writing where a pounding bass supports a roller-coaster of song that I loved.

On Twenty Bucks the band go for a grittier punk sound as they tell a story of wasting your life clocking the nine to five routine. The clamoring for a chance to relive younger days makes for a truly emotional and hard-edged punk rocker with Rewind.

Second to last is On And On where Lashing Fred up the pace, bring forward a super bass guitar in the mix and propel forward with significant energy and enthusiasm. This very pleasing album ends with What We Are – a super pop-punk track full of plaintive vocals and churning riffs.

Grab a beer and listen to Exactly Not The Same by Lashing Fred here: https://lashingfred.bandcamp.com/