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LASSITERS – ‘Lassiters’ EP Review

LASSITERS – Lassiters EP

LassitersLondon based noise rock/punk band called Lassiters, have released a four-track EP late last year. The pounding riffs that usher in Pissed Robert (the robot) find a way of burrowing into your skull and lead into incredibly fast segments supporting a desperate, pleading lead vocal and the entire track creates a crescendo of sheer raw noise that overwhelms the listener and had us gasping for more!

Scorned Thrice features a very heavy bass, off kilter lead guitar solos, complex beats and the anguished screams of the lead vocals to create another wall of raw sound that features a few different approaches in two-minutes before Shit Phone adds some grinding, sludge-core power to the mix and, like the other tracks, explores a variety of tempos and approaches to blend more into one track than many bands achieve in an album.

The EP finishes up with Perma Screw where an ominous sounding lead guitar is supported by a booming bass, strong drums and urgent, desperate vocals veering at times into Mark E. Smith territory.

Lassiters are noisy, powerful, post-hardcore punk rock and you can treat your eardrums here: