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LAST CLIMB – ‘Bleeding The Machine’ Review

LAST CLIMB – Bleeding The Machine

Last ClimbLast Climb debuted in 2017 and the Swedish hardcore rockers describe their sound as “coming in the finest tradition of Wolfbrigade, Anti-Cimex, Disfear, but with more rock-and-roll” elements.

Opening with an interview Q&A, the title track Bleeding The Machine enters like the hounds from hell with two vocals, pounding beats and some excellent punk rock riffs – the overall package is sheer hardcore but there are undercurrents of pacey punk rock.

No Tyrant Like A Brain is driven by complex hardcore drums played at extreme pace, soaring guitar solos and the signature vocal battle between a higher pitched scream and a throaty punk rock growl – the track is short but packs a punch and leads into Void where the momentum is maintained with sheer pace and intense power dominated by the agonised vocals.

All of the eight tracks clock in under two minutes and most, like I Will Fail You, hover around ninety seconds and are packed with powerful vocals, thrashing beats and tempo changes as When Worlds Cave In features a spoken word female voice before exploding into hardcore heaven emulating Discharge and Extreme Noise Terror! Just Won’t Die accelerates from the gates to 200mph and delivers on a perfect one-minute hardcore punk rock song!

Then Slip Away enters with a rumbling bass guitar before launching into a guitar driven pile-driver to set up the conclusion, No Forgiveness where the band put the pedal to the metal and drive us into a brick wall with abandon, power and blow our eardrums to smithereens!!

Check out Last Climb and Bleeding The Machine here:-


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