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LAST RESERVES – ‘Bad Days’ EP Review


Last ReservesLiverpool based punk band, Last Reserves released their new EP, Bad Days on October 20thand it is a five-track beauty! The theme of the EP is to do with mental health, but there is also links to social media addiction and animal welfare as well.

The EP opens with the excellent, Vice Squad like Six Months where lead singer Alice belts out lyrics about depression and her struggles and the band just rocks with a splendid guitar solo to see the song out.

No Excuse is a pounding rhythmic rocker with a dirty bass, raunchy riffs and signature female vocals somewhere between the Lost Cherrees and D.I.R.T. The band take on social media banality in the expansive song, Connected Generation where the guitars prowl around a pounding beat and booming bass guitar as this one burrows its way into your brain!

The fourth track, Inside Outis a little Elastica, a little Bully and a little Idles and packs a powerful punch before the closer and title track, Bad Daysadds some metal guitar flourishes to a rumbling punk rocker reminding me a bit of Black Flag. Make no mistake, this an authentic release where the band delivers some scorchingly hot and honest punk rock.

You can grab yourself a copy of Bad Days EP by Last Reserves here:




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