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LAY IT ON THE LINE – ‘The Black Museum’ Album Review

LAY IT ON THE LINE – The Black Museum

lay-it-on-the-lineSouth London’s Lay It On The Line release their new reord, The Black Museum on June 30th via Disconnect Disconnect records. Full disclosure, I’m a sucker for male-female vocal interplay in punk from DIRT to the Lost Cherrees to Crass and Conflict. On Level Up, the band showcase some serious punk rock chops with a fast paced and powerful effort that is taken to a new level by some terrific vocals.

A Serious House On Serious Earth is a churning, chunky sub-two minute song that launches half way through into a throat burning punk rock effort. There is a depth and seriousness about Lay It On The Line and the hardcore Aim High is accessible whilst full of anger and fist punching chorus.

Battery Farm Anachronism is a dystopian trip into metal, post-punk and hardcore territory – just an excellent track that I have been playing on repeat for days. The slow and somewhat disturbing (in a horror film type of way) 120 Days is very clever as the spoken female vocals and matched with background screamed vocals and then it just explodes into a full on brilliant and energetic punk rock performance.

The title track The Black Museum opens with a spoken word/radio announcer type vocal over a heavy bass and it sets up a male vocal performance that will create a mosh pit to die for. The ten track album is very strong indeed with the headbanging Force Fed veering into serious hardcore/grindcore territory and the excellently titled, Oreo Speedwagon a more straight up metalcore/punk track.

The penultimate song, Positive Views is a Metz style noise punk classic dripping with sarcasm and aggression – loved it! 1917 is the closer and at almost three minutes in length the song is driven by a pounding bass and changes tempo to speed up, slow down, speed up again…it is epic in scope and sound.

Great album. The Black Museum by Lay It On The Line is refreshing and packing a heavyweight punch – check it out here –



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