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LAZY CLASS – Announce new single ‘Pressure Rising’

LAZY CLASS – ‘Pressure Rising’


LAZY CLASS – Pressure Rising


The LAZY CLASS boys played before and parallel in different bands with different styles directions, such as the 77 Glam Punks WARSAW DOLLS or the HC outfit WOUNDED KNEE.

This musical variety/experience is in LAZY CLASS very present, but the focus here is clearly on Melody Oi!/Streetpunk, British made. Very catchy, very grippy, very engaged. Already the A.C.A.B cover artwork makes clear: The band goes full on confrontation. All three songs (English sung) have a rebellious message, the fists are clenched: „Pressure rising“ tackles the well-known class struggle problem, working class vs. State & Capital, „Before the Dawn“ is a bitter all-around statement, „Remote control“ deals with the corrupt media.

Hard words packed into strong melodies, razor-sharp guitar riffs and driving midtempo beat. Led by ultra-melodic singing, it’s refreshing and kickin‘.

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