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LAZY CLASS – ‘First 3 Years’ Album Review

LAZY CLASS – First 3 Years

lazy-classStreetpunk/Oi! band Lazy Class hail from Warsaw, Poland and have recently released their First 3 Years album on Oldschool Records.

Since forming in 2013, Lazy Class have released an EP, a mini-album as well as a split LP and it’s the combination of these that make up the obviously titled First 3 Years, consisting of an impressive eighteen tracks in total.

After the first couple of tracks (Better Life and Violent World) I’m instantly taken back to the No Future Oi! scene of UK82 with the likes of Blitz and Attak springing to mind. It’s good old fashioned punk with tight guitars, fast drums and streetpunk vocals intertwined with the obligatory guitar solo.

The final track of Lazy Class’s first EP Better Life, is Divided and Conquered, a true Oi! anthem that you just can’t help join in with. ¬†Hard hitting lyrics and a fantastic chorus, this is one of the stand out tracks on the album and I’m sure a favourite at any Lazy Class gig.

The pace is relentless throughout and Got Your Back packs another punch which had me reaching for my DM’s and red braces, it took me right back to Someone’s Gonna Die by Blitz, catchy yet fast and in your face.

Voice of Oi! slows it down just a fraction which does give a respite from the fast stuff and again has you nodding along in appreciation. A super guitar riff throughout and a shout along chorus is the perfect recipe of a classic Oi! tune and this really does not disappoint – another stand out on the album.

Some more guitar work kicks off Hell of San Domingo before drums and bass join in to up the ante once more for another excellent song. The vocals are hoarse and angry all the way through the eighteen songs and a perfect fit to accompany the fine musicianship.

A couple of repeated versions taken from the split LP are interspersed by Stracone Pokolenie (Lost Generation) which we’ve included the video for below. This is fast in your face streetpunk which allows you to fully appreciate Lazy Class and their obvious talent for writing and producing some proper Oi! music.

You can follow Lazy Class via their Facebook page which has a shop linked to get hold of a copy of First 3 Years for yourself.

Lazy Class is:

Eryk – Vocals/Guitar

Wiktor – Vocal/Guitar

Slawek – Bass

Kamil – Drums



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