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LAZY CLASS – ‘Interesting Times’ Album Review

LAZY CLASS – Interesting Times

Lazy ClassLazy Class have launched their first full album, Interesting Times and it contains fourteen songs that combines melody and energy, socio-political lyrics with some more personal stuff. The album was released on vinyl by Contra Records (Germany) and Oldschool Records (Poland).

The fourteen-track album opens with the one-minute Intro with a booming bass guitar, serrated riffs and an engaging, spaghetti western type of lick combine to produce an engaging and powerful melodic beginning. The sheer pace, power and anger of Fuck You hits like a two by four for sixty seconds of sheer aggression and Lost In Your Lies maintains the momentum blending melodic group vocals with angrier verses all against a background of searingly hot riffs, big bass guitars and pounding drums…Wow!!!

On The Place I Come From, Lazy Class go for a more mid-paced beat but maintain those soaring guitars with big licks and serrated riffs whilst the vocals are authentic and gritty and the group vocals just seal the deal with an Oi! style terrace chant vibe…this is great stuff folks! The radio voice introduction to Interesting Times sets an ominous tone and ignites a raucous punk rocker with some group backing vocals adding to the street-punk feel of the song and then Songs Of The Anger ups the pace and energy with a muscle-bound slab of power conjuring images of The Exploited meeting Offspring!

With Born To Lose, Lazy Class offer a different lead vocal with a more melodic tone giving the track a pop-punk tone with some scorching riffs whereas Same Old Battle has some metal overtones including a rip snorting guitar solo! The pace and power return with The Time Will Come where that street-punk snarl returns to accompany serrated riffs and then We’ve Been Thru The Same Shit powers along with serious pace and power that left us breathless and mesmerised here in the punkonline.co.uk offices!

The dirty riffs that introduce Adversities set up a Motorhead style raucous rocker whereas Pressure Rising offers a pounding beat, gritty street-punk vocals and an Oi! terrace chant chorus to convince us that these folks are the real deal and this is one monster release! The penultimate song, Sick Of You features an extended and chunky instrumental opening and builds into a UK82 style punker with a 999 chorus.

The album ends with Made It Out Alive and Lazy Class tell a story of loss and longing in a punk rock track with some folk overlays and emotional vocals with some monster guitar work thrown in for good measure…Wow!!!

You can get Interesting Times  by Lazy Class  at all the usual download places and by following the link below…