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LAZY QUEEN Release New EP ‘A Sigh So Deep’ on January 11th

LAZY QUEEN Release New EP ‘A Sigh So Deep’ on January 11th

Lazy QueenNorwegian band Lazy Queen are releasing A Sigh So Deep on January 11th, the follow-up to 2015’s critically acclaimed Drift. All singles from the five-song EP have been met with airtime and A-listings on national radio, glowing reviews, recommendations and attention from tastemakers in new Norwegian music, and further praise from both national and international music critics. If the buzz is to be believed, 2019 will start with a bang with the release of A Sigh So Deep.


Songwriter Henrik Garcia Soeberg has written some choice words about the record as a whole and each song individually.

A Sigh So Deep

“A Sigh So Deep is duality. It’s the last bit of oxygen escaping your body when you can hold your breath no more. When you can no longer contain what’s inside. The name itself comes from a text I wrote at the conclusion of what turned out to be the longest winter, marked by drugs, alcohol, depression and isolation. At the climax of this period of time I was confronted with a crossroad and a choice of paths. I chose to open up, communicate, seeking support, seeking outwards. That’s when I saw the duality. The sigh wasn’t just walls cumbring, the burstin of a dam, but also the experience of changing patterns, something that let go and the feeling of finally being able to breath again.”

Fuck Kevin Spacey

“Fuck Kevin Spacey deals you as your own worst enemy; negative thought patterns combined with anxiety and depression, and how easy it can be to give up and get lost in it. “It’s buzzing, it’s always buzzing. Everything means nothing to me, and I’m as happy as can be”. The choruses with the lyrics “my doubt filling in the blanks says: you can’t do it,” describes the gnawing and destructive self doubt most people deal with. “Maybe I’m in it for the wrong reasons. Maybe I’m falling out of love. Maybe it’s all of the above”. Fuck Kevin Spacey was written during a time when my work with the band and music in general started to center around all the wrong things. My motivation was off, focus skewed and I had to reevaluate what I was doing. The name of the song is a separate statement from the content of the song. The song was written around the time sexual assault allegations against Kevin Spacey started to emergre. The media and public has a short attention span. Even though we’re all in an uproar when stories like this one breaks it’s only a short matter of time before we’re onto the next big scandal. There really doesn’t seem to any shortage of those these days. This was our way of naming him an asshole and abuser for as long as the the internet holds our songs.”

Things I Think About While We Fuck

“Things I Think About While We Fuck is about the dysfunctional period after a long term relationship ended, but while we were still sleeping together. Both sought validation from each other even though we were painfully aware of how destructive and toxic the situation was for the both of us. “Forgiven, but not forgotten. Glued together, but still rotten. Tell me I’m beautiful right now”.


“Apocalipstick details the experiences being non-binary. Even through society is slowly becoming more aware of trans and non-binary people there’s still a long way to go. “I wear my girlfriends dresses cause it makes me feel fukcing hot. Like I belong in this world and it’s never ever gonna change. I feel like I’m floating. Your side eyed stares doesn’t do me nothing.” Apocalipstick is a nail polish painted middle finger to any and all transphobes and a big, bearded kiss from a pair of lipstick covered lips to all non-binary and trans folx who fight for the right to exist without the threat of murder, violence and discrimination all over the world.”

Turn From Void

“Turn From Void stems from waiting to be a bottomless resource for someone. ”Take what you need, and leave the rest to me.” The lyrics were written about my relationship and an extremely long winter during which we both struggled with heaviness and depression. Depression isolates, it hardens and closes you off. It tells you that you’re not worth the help you’re being offered, so it becomes a knee jerk reaction to push people away. The songs is about holding onto the last shimmers of light and feelings of accomplishment where ever it can be found. ”Still breathing, still alright,” sometimes it’s enough.


“Tamir Rice’s death is just one of many killings of African Americans committed by the police in The US. The songs is named after him in tribute, and is our small contribution in continuing to focus the spotlight on the fight that’s being fought against police violence and institutional racism in the US police force and justice system every day. “They won’t pay for their crimes, they own no shame. Onto the innocent the passing of the blame.” Of all the songs on A Sigh So Deep Tamir is definitely the most aggressive. It’s angry and frustrated, but I’d like to think that it also offers community and solidarity in anger. Solidarity, empathy and resolution to fight for change.”