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LES FRAPPES – Encore Mieux Que L’année Dernière

LES FRAPPES – Encore Mieux Que L’année Dernière

Les FrappesThe new EP Release from Swedish street punk band Les Frappés, Encore Mieux Que L’année Dernière (Even Better Than Last Years), hit our inbox a few weeks ago.

The six-track EP opens with Les Frappes where a beer can is opened, a loud burp and then a rollicking guitar lick and some gypsy punk vibes finally give way to a fast-paced hardcore romp with gravel throated vocals and some searingly hot riffs supported by some excellent bass guitar and drum work.

Next up is Merde! (Shit!) and this one is a straight up hardcore punk track with some melodic elements reminding me of Pennywise and on 8hx5 Semaine the power and pace is maintained albeit with more menace in the delivery and vocals with a great guitar led middle eight and some cool bass and drum interplay!

On Ecilope Les Frappes (The Strikes) combine the lead and group backing vocals and, again, hint at a gypsy punk mentality but the overwhelming sound is one of hardcore street punk delivered with authenticity in the vein on The Blitz and some interesting cover of the UK Subs classic, Warhead!

The penultimate song, Pitie (Drinking) enters with some scorching riffs and Exploited style aggression replete with a loose stringed bass guitar drive and sheer power throughout and the closer, En France (In France) sees out the EP with style and punk power.


Get your continental street punk fix from Les Frappés here:



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