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LESS DECEIVED – ‘We Could Find New Ways to Walk Home’ E.P. Review

LESS DECEIVED – ‘We Could Find New Ways to Walk Home’

less-deceivedFor the second time in a month, we have received a new release from a band coming out of Hull, East Yorkshire. Less Deceived have been at it as band for about two years now and have released two well received E.P.’s It’ll Never Get Better Than This and Average Songs About The Best Days Of Our Lives’ (you can’t argue with the clever titles!) After the second E.P, front man Adam announced he would be leaving the band to move to New York and guitarist Dave also followed suit. While vocal duties had always been shared to some extent in Less Deceived, bassist Harry now moved to center stage and their long time friend Daniel Bartram stepped up to play guitar. After a period of settling in time the band began work on their third E.P. We Could Find New Ways To Walk Home – This E.P. hit the market on August 23rd.

The E.P. opens with The Inevitable Song About Trains a song that launches into a powerful punk-pop riff and an emo-tinged vocal treatment. The band exhibits some really tight breaks, clean production and lyrics focusing on the boring day-to-day life of city life. There is more “punk” than “pop” about the bands sound.

That Shit’ll Kill You (these guys know how to name a song!) powers along with the bass and drums propelling the guitar chords into a fast paced perfect punk effort that then breaks into a slower chanted chorus that both surprised and delighted me. There is a subtle and accomplished feeling to the band.

Last up is LDNY, a track that starts with a slow, melodic opening and builds up the power with group vocals and then knocks your socks off with as the band launch into a riff that would make Bad Religion proud.

Check out the band here https://less-deceived.bandcamp.com/


Track Listing:

  1. The Inevitable Song About Trains
  2. That Shit’ll Kill You
  3. LDNY