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LEVI FULLER & THE LIBRARY – Such Bad Things Happen

LEVI FULLER & THE LIBRARY – Such Bad Things Happen

Levi FullerSeattle, WA based Levi Fuller & The Library have just released a new six-track EP, Such Bad Things Happen. Although the band have some folk/punk history, this release is darker and louder.

Opening with the discordant, pleading and angst-ridden You Could Have Died, the band combine some meaty riffs, driving drums and jaunty bass guitar with off-kilter vocals and guitar licks to create a post punk extravaganza.

News To Me adds some more angular guitars and halting rhythms to another plaintive and pleading vocal and the variety in segments and sections keeps things interesting before Promise You Will Fall slowly builds from a solo strummed acoustic guitar to an ethereal vocal and slow beat with layers of vocals and guitars building top a powerful Wedding Present style conclusion.

The six-track EP continues with Der Panther, a four-minute plus layered, slow paced, post-punk/math-punk effort and Will We Ever Know? is introduced by a female voice describing the impact of humans on the climate and the dire news is joined by a rather jolly guitar lick with a nursery rhyme feel and the track slowly builds to support the line “Will we ever know just how fucked we are?”  that is repeated over some compelling guitar work.

The closing track, Unfuck The World, is a sub-ninety-second cacophony that juxtaposes nicely with the six-minute melody that came before. Levi Fuller & The Library challenge you to embrace their variety and creativity as well as the issues surrounding us all today.


Cop a bit of Such Bad Things Happen here:



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