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LIGHT THE WAY – ‘False Memory Syndrome’ Album Review

LIGHT THE WAY – False Memory Syndrome

Light The WayCalifornia natives Light The Way released their new full-length album False Memory Syndrome on March 30th via Indie Vision Music. The Sacramento based band ply their trade in the skate-punk, pop-punk arena with tons of catchy hooks and melodies throughout.

False Memory Syndrome opens with the 43 seconds of Bruh that seamlessly moves into But My Mom Says I’m Cool and the music is tight, powerful and accessible. On Thrillhouse, a captivating guitar lick leads to some fast pace drumming with the snare drum wound tight and the vocals soaring high. Light The Way are accomplished musicians and write tight pop-punk songs that range from the manic 29 seconds of Put A Sock In It Roy to the churning Green Day style The Broken Hearts Club.

Brain Rot is a melodic skate-punk track with a post-hardcore vibe whereas Veritas is a disconcerting poem delivered through mangled vocals and supported by ominous bass, plaintive piano and keyboards – it’s such a departure from what has come before that it stuns you into taking notice…

The band return to power punk form on the terrific riff driven Lost The Handle which is one of my highlights on this album and they follow it with the even pacier Still Edge with explosive drumming and melodic vocals.

The penultimate track is also the first single from the album. Holy Ghost combines an attractive guitar lick with a compelling vocal performance to create an epic track with backing vocals adding to the atmosphere of longing and pain. It is a standout performance destined for alternative radio play on repeat.

The album concludes with Snapping Necks & Cashing Cheques and Light The Way send us off on a wild ride with a booming bass and runaway drums supporting chunky licks and riffs whilst the vocals bring us home with aplomb. This is an album for all of you who like their punk full of melody, pace and power.

Grab your copy of False Memory Syndrome by Light The Way here: https://www.indievisionmusic.com/news/light-way-available-now-ivm-news/