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LIKE NO TOMORROW – ‘Golden Age Of Shit’ Album Review

LIKE NO TOMORROW – Golden Age Of Shit

Like No TomorrowLike No Tomorrow hail from Warrenton, VA in the US of A. Their recently released ten track album, Golden Age Of Shit is packed full of raucous punk rock tracks with a nod across the pond to UK punkers, GBH.

The opening track, Side Effects, begins with some ominous slow power chords before launching into some classic punk rock played at pace and with some excellent raw power. The lyrics reminded me of the Toy Dolls but the music is UK82 punk all the way! The band is tight and musicianship strong as the hooks keep on raining down. Checked Out is a terrific Black Flag style aggressive punk rocker with multiple tempo changes and a brilliant chorus.

The band doff their caps to Fugazi on the churning Rejection Injection with a pounding bass line and a chorus that channels Rudimentary Peni whilst DNR ups the pace with atonal guitar licks mixing with pacey power chords and a great vocal performance. Like No Tomorrow are a punk band that bring a smile to your face as they add a 2018 approach to the genre whilst staying true to the energy and anger of punk. On Your Funeral Is My Party a strange organ intro is replaced by military drums and prominent bass. The track mixes fast paced choruses with Sabbath style verses.

This Joke Is Not A Joke Anymore returns to a punk rocker with grinding power, group vocals and a throbbing bass guitar that drives the track forward. That bass is up front again on the intro to RIP Youth and leads to a churning riff that veers between the faster sections and slower chorus sections.

Taking a poke at religion and the business around it, Cult Leader channels the Ramones meeting the Circle Jerks and producing some fine sounding offspring! The penultimate song, Mental Purgatory is a slow moving track with Black Sabbath riffs supporting the dark lyrics,

This excellent punk rock album concludes with the title track, Golden Age Of Shit (Great title!) and we are treated to a boisterous 150mph sections interspersed with chunky and churning choruses – super end to a super album.

Grab your fill of Golden Age Of Shit by Like No Tomorrow here:



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