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LILITH LE MORTE – Si Rompe il Silenzio Nel Giardino Delle Mandragole

LILITH LE MORTE – Si Rompe il Silenzio Nel Giardino Delle Mandragole

lilith-le-morteThe debut album from Italian duo Lilith Le Morte is full of experimentation, dark feelings and some ‘horror movie’ vibes. Opening with Onironauti the DIY approach adds to the atmosphere as the energetic track has some Nick Cave feel but the female vocals take the track into new territory – like an updated Siouxsie and The Banshees. The almost six minutes in length Sangue is a superbly atmospheric track with pounding bass, keyboards and echo infused vocals all combining to produce a unique sound.

The third track of the eight on the album, Subsuttore, brings some atonal vocals to a bass theme track where the drum machines add a touch of Sisters Of Mercy/Kraftwerk. Lilith Le Morte are certainly unique and the excellently titled Grunge Ballad takes on a sludgey pace, distant vocals and builds to a keyboard driven (with some ambient accompaniment) track that I really enjoyed.

All of the songs are lengthy and the bass is prominent throughout but especially upfront on A Galla where it holds things together as the clanging and atonal rhythm joins into the emotional vocal treatment. Aut Aut is a faster, punkier song that swells and descends into different paces and power with a melodic vocal taking the listener into different directions.

The penultimate track, Alberi Arsi is one of two sub-four minute efforts beginning with a solo drum machine and then plaintive vocals are joined by bass and keyboard to produce that unique atmosphere that the band is so good at. Preludio clocks in at over seven minutes to close the album and the track opens with a number of ambient sounds and builds to birds chirping, a throbbing bass, peaks and troughs but is about as ambient as it comes – good experimental stuff for sure!

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