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LIMP WIZURDZ – ‘Fugue State’ EP Review

LIMP WIZURDZ – Fugue State

Limp WizurdzThis seven track EP released earlier this year from Limp Wizurdz opens with the unique Cough with a beginning full of dissonance and melancholy vocals before it simply takes-off into a Weezer meets Discharge meets Fugazi storming song. I simply sat stunned at the sheer power, melody and wall of noise that the band produced…Wow!

On Bike Messenger that potent wall of sound is still prominent but the song is different in pace and offers a good deal of melody. Limp Wizurdz have a skate-punk ambience with a pop-punk flavor and both are prominent on Staple Gun with its gravely lead vocals, neat guitar licks, strong backing vocals and tight rhythm section.

Jeff’s Checkers is different with a serrated, jerky guitar and steady drumbeat supporting some soaring vocals and the track enters a subdued section before rebuilding sounding a little like Wire. The instrumental Nervous Tick is a heavy, dark riff driven track with some Pixies style guitar and some true head banging power.

The penultimate track of the seven on this EP is Cankicker where Limp Wizurdz channel that Weezer sound referred to earlier with some melodic vocals laid over some good chunky punk rock music. The last track, Spooky, begins with a RATM guitar approach and builds to a Nirvana style rocker replete with strange, almost spoken word verses and epic choruses…a very strong conclusion to a very strong effort.

Grab a copy of Fugue State by Limp Wizurdz at Suck It! Records: http://suckitrecords.bigcartel.com/