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Liverpool Band OVERSET to Release New Single ‘Hard Truth’ on Dec 15th

Liverpool Band OVERSET to Release New Single ‘Hard Truth’ on Dec 15th

OversetLiverpool band Overset, have been a mainstay on the local pop-punk scene for about a year a now and are releasing a single on December 15th that marks a pivotal turning point for them.

The song, an exploration of mental health from the viewpoint of the band’s male vocalist and songwriter Tim Johnston, is a departure from the sound of the music they had been making up until now and marks a separation from their past work. The single hints at a direction they may be taking in the future.

This is completely by design, with the music video accompanying the single featuring mostly footage from their most recent gig; the last time they played with their previous 2 guitarists who have now left and will have replacements announced soon. The band are going to be spending the next few months writing and developing their new sound and image, heading towards a debut with their new line-up sometime in the next year.

Tim Johnston (Lead Singer) on the Meaning behind the song;

“It’s about how it feels to live in the real world while coping with anxiety and depression. Working 35 hours a week in a day job then another 35 with a band can cripple you if you’re suffering on the inside. It was written during a really dark time in my life where I was brought back from the edge by someone very close to me. It’s called hard truth because a lot of the time we know the truth about what needs to be done, but the hard part is then following through. It doesn’t seem like a tough choice between reaching out for help or suffering in silence, but the reality is, it’s tougher than you’d think”




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