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LOSER POINTS – ‘Ones and Zeros’ EP Review

LOSER POINTS – Ones and Zeros

loser-pointsLoser Points is a punk band from Red Deer, Alberta, Canada featuring members of Trashed Ambulance. Since forming in 2015, the band has released four records and their latest effort, Ones and Zeros, was released this year.

The four track EP begins with the title track, Ones and Zeros where a brilliantly screamed vocal dominates before the song takeoffs into a vocal interplay that I simply adored. It’s a strong opening and lyrically in your face and works really well as a unique punk rock song that qualifies as one of our favorites of the year so far!

Next up is Values where the band displays their ability to add a stop/start guitar to a monster drum performance and a rollicking punk rocker of a song. The pace is 100mph, the tight playing excellent and vocals as angry as hell…the formula for a great song!

Warren and Jimmy (featuring Brad Walker) starts with a dirty bass riff before quickly getting to the point with a brilliant riff that turned heads her in the office.  The track is full of melody, hooks, power and a ‘ripsnorting’ chorus but that riff if to die for!

Concluding with 10 Pounds, Loser Points have released a very strong EP that has a skate-punk/NoFX vibe but is unique for sure. The song starts slowly with a simple bass and drum, some Spanish guitar and, then, sheer mayhem as the band launch into a circle-pit inducing rocker…great stuff!

Get the EP Ones and Zeros by Loser Points here: https://loserpoints.bandcamp.com/