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‘LOST PUNK FROM THE 80’s’ Review

lost-punk‘Lost Punk From the 80’s & Future Punk Classic’s’ is a compilation album of lost Punk treasure from the 1980’s & 1990’s that was never released properly at the time.

This also features a collection of unreleased new material from new and upcoming punk bands. It features rare and unreleased stuff from The Apostles, Anathema, Maniac, Compassion, Refuse All, M.O.A., Burnt Cross, Ambient Massacre, Unit and more. Running from 1984 to 2015, it’s available in download from most online stores now.

There’s always something magical about DIY punk, it has to be the only real music genre that could get away with such raw production yet it just sounds, well, right.

‘Lost Punk From the 80’s’ is not for the purist but it’s aimed at those of us who fell in love with this type of music because we all thought we could get four mates together, arm one with a lead guitar, one with a bass, stick another in front of a drum kit and the one we didn’t trust ended up with the microphone and told to shout as loud as he or she could. Obviously some were much better than others and this album showcases the ‘one’s that got away’.

Anathema feature quite heavily throughout, not really surprising given that former band member Lol Coopog actually put this compilation together. They were due to release a split E.P. with The Apostles in ’86 on Conflict’s ‘Fight Back’ label but it was never released. They were also due to appear on the 1980 Mortarhate compilation ‘We Won’t Be Your Fucking Poor’ but again the track never made the final album. Therefore, it’s pretty plain to see that Anathema had something about them and their three or four tracks on ‘Lost Punk…’ bears this out. They are melodic yet heavy and come out of the Flux, Zounds mould of anarchist punk.

The Apostles feature regularly too and are another obvious strong punk band. ‘Tomorrow Belongs To Us’ is a particularly strong track whilst Compassion mix things up with ‘Dig That Shuffle’ where punk meets the dance floor!

One band I hoped would feature with more than one track is M.O.A. ‘Blood For Ever More’ is an excellent number which builds and builds, reminding me of Ritual or even something off The Membranes latest album. If the second album is released in this series then I do hope M.O.A. feature strongly.

Honourable mentions to Maniac, who feature the most with five tracks interspersed throughout but every band contributes in their own way. Think ‘Bullshit Detector’ and you’re far off what this album offers. It’s raw but it’s punk rock.

Gaz – Punk Online


Track Listing

  1. Headache Pills Intro – Anathema
  2. Government Lies – Maniac
  3. Don’t Eat Our World – Anathema
  4. Say No – Maniac
  5. Useless Slaughter – Anathema
  6. Punk Squat – The Apostles
  7. Fade Away – Maniac
  8. Tomorrow Belongs To Us – The Apostles
  9. All Manner of Obscenities – The Menace Dancers
  10. No More Heartaches – The Apostles
  11. 6 Seconds – Anathema
  12. Cosmic Mind Fuckers – Maniac
  13. Dig That Shuffle – Compassion
  14. London, England – Compassion
  15. Blood For Ever More – M.O.A
  16. R Weld – Ambient Massacre
  17. Water Boarding – Maniac
  18. Working For The C.I.A – Refuse All
  19. Workers Autonomy – Unit
  20. Inner Revolutionist – Burnt Cross
  21. Mob Violence – Unit
  22. For The Good Of Us All – The Disinclined
  23. Anathema – Burnt Cross
  24. Headache Edit and Out – Anathema