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Lovely Bad Things announce album ‘Teenage Grown-Ups’

Lovely Bad Things announce album ‘Teenage Grown-Ups’

lovely-bad-thingsDue out on 25 August 2017 via Burger Records

And share video for title track

California quintet Lovely Bad Things are pleased to announce that their new album Teenage Grown-Ups will be released via Burger Records on 25 August. This follows hot on the heels of their addictive EP Homebodied, which came out in May and featured their terrific single “Hiding to Nothing”. Mixing boy-girl vocals, infectious tunes, raucous guitars with a pop-culture obsession and slacker vibes, Lovely Bad Things are a bright ray of optimistic pop charm. They released the title track of the album as a single last year and made this amazing lo-fi video, which captures the essence of what this band are about. Sit back and enjoy “Teenage Grown-Ups.” It will make you feel so much better.

The legend of Lovely Bad Things began in an eerily boring California town called La Mirada which is nestled between Los Angeles and Orange County, a fitting place for a band to find solace in music. Brothers Camron (guitar, vocals) and Brayden Ward (drums, vocals) met Lauren Curtius (guitar, vocals), Tim Hatch (guitar) and Wesley Baxter (bass) during their formative years, and joined forces to create a perfect blend of the most infectiously resonant aspects of their alternative and punk predecessors.

Lovely Bad Things offer a wild and humourous stage presence while effortlessly shredding the musical prowess they’ve spent the past 8 years cultivating. At one of their shows you’re likely to be struck by Lauren’s distinctly beautiful and powerful voice, Brayden’s vehemently dynamic drumming, the solid and smooth bass of Wesley, and the mind melting trio of guitars shoved forever in your head by Tim, Camron and Lauren. They’ve played countless house shows and local venues, embarked on several cross-country solo tours, as well as with Best Coast and Diarrhea Planet, and have performed festivals including FYF, SXSW and Primavera Sound. The band are set to tour Europe later in 2017.

The music obsessed Lovely Bad Things’ sound falls within the realm of Pavement, Dinosaur Jr., Weezer and the like. Lovely Bad Things meticulously craft and distribute their music with a respectable DIY ethos. All album artwork and merch are made from scratch by Brayden, and each member of the band contributes in songwriting and multi-instrumentation. Their hard work puts a giant emphasis on the Grown Ups end, while their hilarious and charmingly chaotic energy screams Teenage. Whether you’re in your own young confusion searching for music to make you feel like you’re not alone, a music snob who has a pessimistic outlook on anything post 90’s, or simply a lover of music, Lovely Bad Things should be in heavy rotation.