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LUICIDAL Announce New Album and Share New Video

LUICIDAL Announce New Album and Share New Video

LuicidalComprised of former members of SoCal legends Suicidal Tendencies, Luicidal will return this fall for the release of their 2nd full-length album, Born In Venice, on October 12th with Cleopatra Records. Fans can pre-order the record at iTunes.

Bringing the spirit of true Southern California punk rock back to the forefront, Luicidal hasshared their new single, “Institucionalizado,” via a music video. The track is a reimagining of the classic Suicidal Tendencies’ track, which Luicidal frontman Louiche Mayorga co-wrote during the early days of the band. The song is sung entirely in Spanish by Ceci Bastida (ex-vocalist of ska-punk band Tijuana No!) and pays homage to the original track and their Latin-American roots.

“It’s not everyday you write a song that stands the test of time, some people say epic, and when I wrote the music I wouldn’t imagine that 35 years later people would still be singing it and of course when I play the first three notes fans already know what’s next,” says Mayorga. “I’ve lived on the Westside of Los Angeles my whole life. Venice is where we started Suicidal Tendencies and when our album exploded we always had a huge Latino fan base. We met Ceci (Bastida) from the band TIJUANA NO! back in the 90’s on a “Rock En Espanol” tour when I was in Horny Toad! and I always wanted to work with her. When we met with our label for the new Luicidal album – Born In Venice – and the idea of covering an Suicidal Tendencies song came up. The first singer I thought of was Ceci and of course “Institutionalized” was a sure thing.  Countless bands have covered “Institutionalized” from Ice-T’s Body Count, Blondie’s Tiger Bomb and even Cypress Hill has sampled it so I wanted to keep the same spirit of the song but with the point of view from a young Hispanic female and in Spanish. She killed it. The Latino punk rock scene has so much talent and if we can do our part in helping it grow we will.”

Luicidal was formed in 2012 by Louiche Mayorga and R.J. Herrera after he missed being on the stage and the desire to create music “badass like the 80’s style Suicidal music.” Luicidal released their debut self-titled album in 2014, which featured guest appearances by former Suicidal Tendencies members Rocky George, Grant Estes and Amery Smith as well as H.R. of the Bad Brains and Dale Henderson of Beowülf.  Luicidal promoted the album with a U.S. and European tour. By early 2016, Herrera had left the band and the current line-up features Marty Ramirez on guitar, Mayorga on bass, Vince Sollecito on drums and Mike Avilez on vocals. Luicidal will release their 2nd album Born in Venice on October 12, 2018 on Cleopatra Records