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LUICIDAL – ‘Born In Venice’ Album Review

LUICIDAL – Born In Venice

LuicidalVenice, CA based punk/hardcore band Luicidal released their new album, Born In Venice on October 12th via Cleopatra Records. Luicidal was formed by ex-Suicidal Tendencies bassist/songwriter Louichi Mayorga. He was an instrumental part in writing the classic Suicidal Tendencies hits like Institutionalized, Saw Your Mommy, and Suicidal Failure among others. Born In Venice is the band’s second record, and it features and updated Spanish language version of Institutionalized, dubbed Institucionalizado that features vocals by Ceci Bastida (ex-vocalist of ska-punk band Tijuana No).

The album opens with the title track, Born In Venice where the mellow opening gives way to an all-out aural assault of dual vocals that are propelled to an amazingly powerful chorus by pounding drums and scorching riffs…Wow!! With I Win, You Lose the guitar licks intertwine with some superb bass work to create a rhythmic powerhouse channeling some Black Sabbath and Black Flag that will have you banging your head into a beautiful oblivion!

The band are not afraid to take on some heavy political subjects and Punk Chick attacks the “Bros” with a Talking Heads style danceable track with some excellent playing whilst the superbly titled, Tears Of A Psycho Clown slows things down but does not lighten up as a spoken word vocal is supported by an ominous riff/lick and takes on depression and loneliness building to an excellent crescendo!

Fuck You is a full on attack on the right wing politics of Trump, the “man” himself and the divide and conquer mentality and it is delivered in an urgent tone that goes straight to the gut with the aforementioned Institucionalizado offering a superb version of the Suicidal Tendencies classic helped by the Spanish language and female lead vocal to create something relevant and different!

St Posse is a pleasant surprise with a prominent organ and stomping rude boy beat merging with some Cuban rhythms to get those feet moving all reminding me of a 1960s Jamaican dance hall whereas Sick Society is a head-banging track with a variety of tempos supported by some nifty lead guitar work. The ninth song of the thirteen on the album is a fast-paced hardcore punk pounder, You Are Forgiven and then Wrecking Crew takes that Suicidal Tendencies formula of spoken words over churning riffs to tell a story from the hood.

On Work Related Terror Attack Luicidal continue to offer up powerful riffs, pounding drums and add some 200mph pace to recreate the early So-Cal punk sounds of the 1980s in their own name and honour the likes of the Circle Jerks at the same time and Surfin’ Tsunamis continues the momentum with a sub-two minute punk rock, hardcore assault in the senses!

This truly excellent album concludes with the lengthy (almost five minutes) Steel Soldier and it’s another surprise as the band lay down a ballad with hip hop undertones but dominated by a melodic power ballad that Springsteen would be happy with – these folks just deliver!

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