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Lynch the LandlordWhen you’re named after a classic Dead Kennedy’s song, expectations are high in the punk rock community. This six-track EP by Lynch the Landlord opens with Steppin Stone where a whole cascading “Na na nah, Nah na Nahs” add melody to a crushingly fast and raw punk rocker with echoes of The Dickies and Green Day! At the half-way point, the song breaks into a reggae section that brought huge smiles around the office as it is neatly juxtaposed with the raw punk bookends!!!

On Blood Money the sound is more in keeping with the Ramones with a beautifully dirty guitar sound that we loved, full of fuzz and grime as the bass and drums lay a solid foundation and the singing is tuneful yet has an aggressive edge. Next up, Race War motors along with serious pace and power with some excellent lyrics and early Minor Threat/Black Flag appeal!

The melodic Don’t Wanna Go To Work blends T-Rex with The Ramones to create a singalong ditty with hooks a plenty whilst the penultimate track, Wasted Time returns to a pacier approach as the vocals are insistent and urgent and the drums power things along nicely.

The EP concludes with My Song and Lynch The Landlord bring on a Rudimentary Peni-esque guitar with some excellent drums and searing vocals that help create a unique stomper of a song full of menace, rhythm and power – it is a superb ending to a great EP.


Check out Lynch The Landlord here:- https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/e-p-1-ep/1435507033