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MAJORITY LOST – ‘We Needed This More Than You Wanted This’

MAJORITY LOST – We Needed This More Than You Wanted This

Majority LostLos Angeles punkers, Majority Lost have reunited and launched a five-track acoustic EP, We Needed This More Than You Wanted This, with all proceeds being donated to the ACLU. The EP opens with a super guitar and vocal emotional ballad, Little Man full of melody and longing – we loved it.

California Punks continues the acoustic guitars with the pleading melodic vocals and lyrics full of nostalgia and longing for the great days of punk rock but with a message that delivers on the fact that these punkers remain as angry as ever…there are still fights to be won!

On Let Them Bleed the intricate and somewhat beautiful guitar work sets up a truly super protest song all the more powerful in that the instruments are restrained and the melodies accessible and on So It Goes the dueling guitars speed up just a little and the vocals soar high.

The EP ends with Song Of Lost Ideals (Acoustic) and the storytelling is supported neatly by the strumming guitars as the band deliver an authentic and powerful wrap up to a super EP…loved it! “Remember when we used to plan revolutions and now we plan our 401k” Brilliant!!


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