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MALFUNCTION – ‘Cover It Up’ Review

Malfunction Cover It UpMalfunction are…

Rod Gibbs – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Dek McDonald – Lead guitar. Vocals

Scott Stuart – Drums

Kenny McKay – Bass

Malfunction are a four piece DIY punk band from Kincorth, Aberdeen. Originally formed in the early 80’s, ‘Cover It Up’ is their second album this year (‘Looking For You’, their debut album, was released January 2015).

Kenny and Rod, from the original line up are currently rehearsing with “stand ins”, both of whom look likely to become permanent with Mike Pacitti on lead guitar and Chiz Pirie on drums.

Most of the material on this CD is from their work in the 80’s and you can clearly hear the main influences of that period, The Clash and The Ruts to name just two.

‘Brand New Breakdown’ incorporates ska influence reminiscent of The Clash and The Ruts. A distinctive ska beat creating a danceable sound I found myself dancing round the house much to the embarrassment of my children.

In track 13 ‘Collision’ you can unmistakably hear the influence of Joy Division, a comparison even more evidential from their first CD ‘Looking For You’, also track 13, called ‘Pressure’. Maybe it’s something to do with the number 13, whatever it is it’s a great sound.

‘Tattoo Girl’ is a brand new track and by far my favourite reflecting my own personal love of tattoos. “You say you like a little pain on your skin, a familiar feeling on your skin, keeps you coming back again, again, again……”

The artwork on the CD sleeve by Murray McKay is worth a mention. A clenched fist on the front cover over turned on the reverse to show the song listings tattooed appearance on the forearm. Too often now, and I know I am guilty of this, with downloads and music on the move, we may forget to examine the art involved on music sleeves that contribute to the overall music experience and in some cases it’s the first thing you see that grabs your attention to investigate what is beyond the image.

I listened to this CD a few times and it really grew on me. It led me to check out their other music, ‘Looking For You’ on Bandcamp which is also definitely worth a listen. Viewing them on youtube has left me in no doubt that they are a cracking good live band too and I look forward to seeing them gig in the very near future.

Alfrey Green – Punk Online

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Track Listing

  1. Let’s Go
  2. Tattoo Girl
  3. Into the Light
  4. Brand New Breakdown
  5. Mr Negative
  6. Long Way Home
  7. Cover It Up
  8. Confusion
  9. Day of Kings
  10. Isolation
  11. Brave Red Indian
  12. Push
  13. Collision



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