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MALFUNCTION – ‘Looking For You’ Review

MALFUNCTION - Looking For YouAberdeen punk band Malfunction released their debut album ‘Looking for You’ in February this year. It’s a thirteen track, no-nonsense affair which relies on slower, more melodic punk rather than thrash type music.

On first listen they reminded me of early UK Subs – ‘Tomorrow’s Girl’ and ‘She’s Not There’ type stuff. Good old fashioned punk rock that you can just listen to all day without screaming your ear lobes out. They also took me back to The Defects first album ‘Defective Breakdown’ which has always lasted the test of time.

The whole thing kicks off with ‘Peepshow’ – guitar solos, deep bass and drums and distinguishable vocals set the tone throughout. It’s heavy enough but also melodic which makes for some very good tracks that you don’t tire of listening to.

There is also a touch of ska mixed up in the album, ‘Here We Go Again’ and ‘Tripwire’ being excellent cases in point.

Title track ‘Looking for You’ is a strong number, a classic punk song concerned with how the establishment can track your every move.

As with most albums consisting of thirteen or so tracks there is the inevitable weaker song. At times it strays a little too near safety but the majority are solid punk tunes. ‘He’s Falling Apart’ and ‘Save it For Another Day’ are both right up there with the latter sounding similar to old punk masters Chron Gen.

Malfunction have certainly pulled it off with their debut album and they have given themselves a solid foundation to build upon. As I said, this is good old punk music which has never really faded away. It’s listenable to the untrained punk ear as well as satisfying those of us who have been hooked on this stuff for years.

There are rumours of gigs with fellow Scottish punk band The Dignities – if you get the chance get along to one of those.

You can get hold of the album here –http://malfunctionpunk.bandcamp.com/album/looking-for-you

Gaz – Punk Online

Track Listing

  1. Peepshow
  2. Here We Go Again
  3. Nuclear Warfare
  4. He’s Falling Apart
  5. Looking For You
  6. Tripwire
  7. Backstabber
  8. Who’s Life This Time
  9. Save It For Another Day
  10. Guns In My Head
  11. Changed
  12. Feel The pain
  13. Pressure Is On