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MARCO POLIO – ‘Syracuse Songs Pt: 2’ Album Review

MARCO POLIO – Syracuse Songs Pt: 2

Marco PolioSet for release on October 31st, 2017, Marco Polio have finally got around to recording Syracuse Songs Pt: 2. They originally wrote the tracks in 2009 and finally recorded them eight years later. The band state that “this is a collection of songs about living and loving in Syracuse, NY” and the album acts as a sequel to Syracuse Songs: marcopolio.bandcamp.com/album/syracuse-songs

Opening with the bouncy and accessible Art Crush Song, I’m reminded of the Wombats (maybe with a little NoFX thrown in for good measure). The acoustic Spanish guitar of Waiting Song is slightly off kilter as it supports a weird keyboard/wood instrument sound and vocals on the verge of madness!

The third track is Prayer Song where the acoustic guitar and distinctive vocals are prominent again. The acoustic guitar is certainly shredded with intent supporting the urgency in the lyrics and on Bus Song #4 the acoustic formula continues with a more sorrowful vibe bolstered by a violin and vocals in the style of Olga from the Toy Dolls. It’s a folky/punky ballad approach that makes Marco Polio somewhat unique.

The fifth song of the twelve is River Song with a booming bass supporting the acoustic guitar and vocals. The entire package works as the storytelling is personal and Bus Song #6 begins with a bunch of atonal noise in a Beefheart jazz style – the surprisingly mellow and melodic Winter Crush Song #5 follows it.

Garden Song continues the acoustic flavor with faster drum accompaniment whereas Spring Song displays some restraint with a lovely guitar intro before the atonal noise backing provides a jarring juxtaposition. Falling Song motors along almost out of control whilst Bus Song#5 introduces further instruments to back the unique vocal treatment. Closing with Ghost Song, Marco Polio maintain the folk vibe with violin and guitar supporting the storytelling style lyrics and the feedback drenched middle of the song drowns out everything to end the album with an angst ridden flourish!

Check the album Syracuse Songs Pt: 2 and everything Marco Polio here:  marcopolio.bandcamp.com