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MARK HEX – ‘Death By Gluttony’ EP Review

MARK HEX – Death By Gluttony

Mark HexHailing from London, UK, Mark Hex is a one man tour du force and his new four-track EP, Death By Gluttony is a mixture of eclectic styles with a decidedly low-fi approach.

The EP opens with some rapid drum beats, an echo-infused vocal and industrial style noise/guitars that give way to a surprisingly melodic chorus before the dark sounds takeover again – it’s an intriguing package that has elements of Throbbing Gristle and elements of Zounds!

Next up is the anti-Tr*mp track, Hungry American where Hex takes a different approach with a thudding drum machine, spoken/sung words set over a clanging keyboard and bass synth rhythm that leans into The Fall and Sisters of Mercy! The industrial/ambient and low-fi vibes are maintained with Unready, Unsteady where the entire song sounds like it was recorded on an abandoned industrial estate in a disused cement mixer!!

The EP concludes with London Angry with a softly strummed reggae style guitar battling with feedback with menacing vocals and the track descends into a noise fest of guitars before that reggae riff sees us home.


You can take a listen to Mark Hex and Death By Gluttony right here:



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